The Rotary Club of Chatswood Sunrise (the “boutique” Club in Willoughby) has donated thirteen HippoRollers to a rural community in South Africa. Women and children traditionally carry 20 litres of water from a local source (a river or well) on their heads.  A HippoRoller allows the transportation of 90 litres – it can be pushed or pulled over level and rough ground with surprising efficiency. Less time is thus spent on an arduous task, potential damage to heads and necks is avoided and children can attend school instead of collecting water.
Here is the report from RotaryDownUnder magazine: 
The $AUD 2500 was made up of donations by Chatswood Sunrise members and from the Rotary Club of Lane Cove, fund-raising by the Club and donations from people who have heard about the project.
For more information see www.hipporoller.org/
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