We are helping North Shore Mums with Smiles 2U.
Activity Materials for Smiles 2U
In early May 2016 our guest speaker was Michelle Barry from North Shore Mums. She told us about one of their projects, Smiles 2U. Here is an extract from the Smiles 2U website, by her colleague, Michelle Key:
So, tell us a little about Smiles2U?
Michelle Key – North Shores Mums Smiles2U is all about bringing a smile and joy to kids who are in hospital. Each year thousands of children are hospitalised, which can be a scary, daunting and, at times, lonely experience. Smiles2U has created fun activity packs for kids that are filled with things for them to do and keep them occupied while they undergo their treatment. Our packs include items, such as colouring books, sticker books and crayons, giving kids lots of fun things to play with.
We wanted to do something to help and allocated $300 for the purchase and donation of stickers. Finding the right ones took some time and in the meantime, Mr Rotary Grants (our beloved Andre Hariman) secured a District grant of an immediate $250 with a follow-up of $250 on completion of the project by the end of March 2017. His generous donation of $200 brought the total to $1000.
Discussion around the Selinger family dinner table led to the creation of an Activity Book, originally thought to be a place to put the stickers in but eventually expanded to a 28 page A5 booklet which included a story, find-a-words, an alphabet to colour and some puzzles. Such a booklet needed some stickers (obviously) and a set of coloured pencils.  Two hundred sets of pencils were generously donated by an anonymous benefactor. (We have purchased more for the second batch of 200 booklets.)
We asked Smiles 2U what else they might like. The project now includes tiaras, medals, wands and congratulation stickers as rewards for brave children in hospital.
There will an official hand-over at the end of March, most likely at North Shore Hospital.
Here is the cover, a page of the alphabet colouring in and one of the sets of stickers