Our guest speaker on Friday 4 September.
A journalist, documentary film maker and disability ambassador with over 15 years of experience as a writer. She has written articles on such diverse subjects as military strategy and the internet to human rights and Burma for Amnesty magazine. Whilst researching cricket in the sub continent she became more aware of the degree of mainstream support for a strict interpretation of Islam. In 2000, she was completing an internship at the ABC and was part of a team that produced a Walkley and Logie award winning report on cricket match fixing for ABC television’s Four Corners. Tish is especially interested in the Middle East as she spent her early childhood living in Beirut during the early 70s before war broke out. That was the time when Lebanon was truly “The Paris of the Middle East.” 
In 1994 with 10 weeks of PTA, Tish was a passenger in a serious car accident whilst working as a journalist for the Colombo Sunday Times. She had a severe brain injury and spent a month in a coma but has since completed Masters degrees in both Journalism at UTS and International Law at Sydney University and is a disability rights advocate. Tish has been a Don’t Dis My Ability ambassador three times, Disability Officer at UTS National Union of Students and Post-Representative on Academic Board, highly-commended of the Inaugural Human Rights Awards. Tish Peiris is a firm believer in everyday people’s rights no matter what their background.. Despite having sustained life threatening brain trauma, multiple injures and spending a month in a coma, Tish went on to recover, defying the odds and the expert opinion of doctors and specialists. 
Her latest film project, "Beyond Superman" was presented at the Focus on Ability Short Film Competition being held on September 4th. 
The competition aimed at raising awareness of the abilities of people with a disability 
More info at:
  • http://www.focusonability.com.au/FOA/films/Beyond_Superman_694.html 
  • https://vimeo.com/121571030  
  • http://www.royalrehab.com.au/testimonials/tish-peiris