Guest Speaker, Alan Maclean gave a fascinating talk on Governor Lachlan Macquarie at this mornings meeting.
A slightly abridged version of a popular talk he regularly gives:
Macquarie & Me 
(Australian History from a slightly different perspective)
Most Aussies know something about Governor Macquarie’s achievements whilst the colony’s governor from 1810-1823… the man often referred to as “The Father of Australia”.  Very few know about the making of the man…and his final destruction by political “wannabies”.
Alan relates the emotional human story about a farming lad from Scotland’s Inner Hebrides, his fascinating military career, the sad death of his first wife, his arrival at Terra Australia Incognita, the closeness and support of his extended family nullified by the cruel goals of “power politics”. Much is from both Macquarie and Maclean Clan records, and all is supported by seldom seen pictures and paintings.